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A game currency for our digital future.
It is digital money that you can use anytime, anywhere even on the Moon

A smarter way to make transactions in digital world

XPTC is digital money that you can use on the internet. It can also be used to trade and exchange in our liquidity pool for another cryptocurrency just like BTC. XPTC is flexible and is used to spend on goods and services.

Open to anyone

You only need an internet connection and a wallet to accept XPTC. No bank account is involved during the transactions. Yup! It’s so easy that people(creatures) on Mars could access it.

Full Ownership

You have full control of your own XPTC wallet. There are no third parties involved. Be your own boss!

Secured by cryptography

Proven cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. It keeps your crypto, transaction and wallet safe.

Decentralized structure

XPTC has no centralised control and it can be used globally (shuuu…. including any living things in Area 51).

How to Buy XPTC?

Create your XPTC wallet and press the BUY button



What is X-Point Coin(XPTC)?

XPTC - A Partial-Collateralized stablecoin is a capital efficient stablecoin compared to fiat-collateralised stablecoins.

X-Point Coin(XPTC) can be earned as rewards by playing games. You can use XPTC you earned in XPT wallet to do ultra-fast transactions with a close-to-zero transaction fee, which is able to apply in daily purchasing transactions and convert to game coins. You can also claim your XPTC to Binance Smart Chain to trade with other crypto-currencies on

Is XPTC an inflationary coin?

No, XPTC supply is FIXED on 210,000,000,000.

Does XPTC accept fiat currency exchange?

XPTC in XPT wallet can only be earned from games and you can claim the XPTC from your XPT wallet to BSC chain. You may exchange XPTC via to another cryptocurrency

What is the future application of XPTC?

A NFT game using XPTC as currency is coming soon. You can use your XPTC on blockchain to generate your own NFT. Each NFT is unique and you can use your NFT to join tournaments in game to earn more crypto-currencies.


Merchants and businesses of all kinds have come to value the benefits that XPTC brings. If your organization would like to know more about accepting XPTC as a method of Bitcoin payment for your goods and services, please contact us at [email protected].
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Media, events or business inquiries please email [email protected].

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